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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 21:18:40
    idoGazette Article Submission Guidelines
    Updated 13 January 2021

    FidoGazette, founded in September 2007, is an alternative newsletter
    of the FidoNet computer network, for both its Sysops and users. It
    is passed to its readers electronically via the FidoNet and other
    computer networks and to non-network readers as well as to the
    InterNet. FidoGazette welcomes articles, editorials, and features of
    interest to the Fidonet Community. To have your article included in FidoGazette, simply send it via netmail to 1:18/200 or via internet
    email to sean@outpostbbs.net.

    To help me make it easier to format your article for FidoGazette:

    1. Use standard ASCII text. Most word processor formats can't be used
    by the FidoGazette software. In addition, the FidoGazette software
    won't accept most ASCII control characters nor any characters above
    ASCII 127 (this, unfortunately, includes all those neat box drawing characters). No UTF-8 encoding please.

    2. Start your lines at the left of your screen when typing. The
    software puts in a left margin automatically and I have
    to manually remove any left margin appearing in your document.

    3. Keep your line length to under 70 columns for tables or charts (or
    if you include an ASCII illustration). Regular paragraphs exceeding
    this 70 column limit can be reformatted during the editing process
    but tables and charts are normally distorted beyond recognition by a
    simple reformatting.

    4. Separate paragraphs with a blank line. This is how my text editor recognizes paragraph endings so I have to add blank lines manually if
    you don't.

    5. Title your article as you'd like to see it in the Table of
    Contents. If you don't, I'll make up a title for you, but I'd rather
    have the article appear as you wish.

    6. Format your article like the below at the top of the article:

    * Your Title Here

    Your Title Here
    By Your Name, YourNodeNumber

    Please align all of that against the first left column as the
    software I use for the newsletter will auto-format the text

    7. Check your own spelling and wording. Though I feel free
    to reformat your article so it conforms to technical requirements, I
    generally leave the wording (and spelling) alone as I don't want to
    distort what you have to say.

    8. Send your article before Sunday in order to see it in that
    Monday's edition. Normally I put the newsletter together Sunday
    evening and send it out and I normally check email and netmail
    before I finalize the edition. So if I get your article before
    Sunday evening, I'll include it but send it by Saturday to be safe.

    9. If you're not sure whether you should write or send in your
    article, I would encourage you to send it anyway. Chances are, if you
    write of something of interest to yourself, it'll be of interest to
    others. Besides, FidoGazette is a better publication when it's
    written by a variety of people. We're all in this together and
    remember, knowledge is power!

    Sean Dennis, FidoGazette Editor

    Thanks to, and in fond memory of Douglas C. Myers for the bulk of the
    above text.


    FidoGazette Submission Catagories

    There's quite a few catagories you can put your article into to be
    published. Below are all the catagories with explainations. If
    you're not sure, just save it as <name>.MSC and I'll try to put
    it in the appropriate catagory.

    *.GUE Guest Editorial
    Have a comment, gripe or want to air your opinion about something
    in Fidonet? This is a forum for you, the Fidonet sysop, to do
    just that. There is to be no flaming, personal attacks or vulgarity
    OR REJECT YOUR SUBMISSION with or without reason.)

    *.COR Corrections
    Did you submit an article that needs a correction? Did I write
    something that wasn't correct? This is the place to do it.

    *.RTX Retractions
    A place to put article/submission retractions.

    *.LET Letters to the Editor
    Want to let me know what you think about one of my editorials, a
    guest editorial or an article that ran in the Gazette? Let me
    know here so everyone can see.

    *.FNF Fidonet News Flash
    Current happenings in Fidonet. This could be anything, including
    a node going down for a while, a node leaving or better yet, a node
    joining Fidonet. This is for any sysop who has something important
    about Fidonet to put out to avoid technical problems.

    *.ART Articles
    This is for things that just don't fit in any of the other
    catagories. This is for general articles that aren't specific in
    any way, but fit into the Fidonet spectrum.

    *.COL Columns
    Would you like to be a regular columnist for the Gazette? Send me
    a note and we'll talk. I'm sure other sysops would enjoy a regular
    columnist or two.

    *.BIO Fidonet (Auto)Biographies
    Tell us your story about how you got into Fidonet.

    *.TRU True Stories of Fidonet
    Have an interesting, funny or unusual story to tell that involves
    Fidonet directly? Here's the place to share it.

    *.HIS Fidonet History
    A column where you can discuss Fidonet history.

    *.FFT Food For Thought
    One of my personal favorites. This column is all about food!
    Anything having to do with food is welcome here, such as:
    recipes, how-to, unusual food/ingredients, recommended stores
    and/or websites concerning food-it's all welcome. I would ask
    that if possible, you could submit the recipe in MealMaster
    format if possible. If you're not sure what MM is, ask in the

    *.REV Reviews
    Read a book, watched a TV show, viewed a website, use a program or
    something else that would be of interest to other Fidonet sysops?
    Submit your honest reviews here and let the rest of us know what
    you thought.

    *.FTC Getting (Fidonet) Technical
    Technical issues dealing with Fidonet, such as FTSC specifications,
    setting up/using programs, et al.

    *.ZRC Coordinators' Corner
    This column is for any *C that needs to get word out to the general
    Fidonet population. I will check the nodelist to make sure that
    anyone who submits to this article is a nodelisted *C. If you're
    not, I will return your submission.

    *.JOK Clean Net Humor
    Yeah, we can all laugh at ourselves sometimes or if you have a good
    funny joke (or puns, I /LOVE/ puns-the punnier the better! :), tell
    it here. Please keep it clean (PG-rated) and no vulgarities.

    *.ASA ASCII Art
    Have some cool ASCII art? Let us see it!

    *.AD Advertise Your Free Service/Event ----------------------------------------
    Have a free service to offer or a free event that might be of
    interest to fellow sysops? Let everyone know in here.

    *.SAL For Sale
    This is for items that you have for sale. No commercial ads,
    please! Remember, caveat emptor (buyer beware).

    *.WAN Wanted
    Need a piece of equipment you just can't find? Let the Fidonet
    sysops know and the chances are good that someone will have what
    you need.

    *.QST Question of the Week
    Have a question you just can't answer? Submit it to the Gazette
    and the crack knowledgeable staff *cough*, er I'll try to hunt
    down and answer for you. Better yet, you put it in here and
    one of our crack knowledgable sysops can help you.

    *.ANS Answer of the Week
    The companion column to the above column. I'll publish the best
    answer(s) here to the Question of the Week.

    *.NOT Notices
    This is where you can let people know something's happening that
    you need to let a lot of people know about.

    If you can't find a catagory to put it under, put it under *.MSC
    and I'll try to find a catagory to put it under.

    Thanks for your interest in writing for the FidoGazette!

    Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
    FidoGazette Editor


    --- Maximus/2 3.01
    * Origin: Outpost BBS (1:18/200)