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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Monday, January 24, 2022 16:00:06

    2022 FTSC Standing Member Election - Call for Nominations
    Andrew Leary - 1:1/19@fidonet

    2022 FTSC election, call for nominations

    An election for FTSC standing members starts on Sunday, 30th of
    January 2022 at 20:00 UTC.

    As per FTA-1000.002 the number of FTSC members should be no less than
    7 and no more than 30. Presently there are 8 FTSC members; 1 of those
    have terms expiring. That leaves room for a maximum of 30-(8-1)=23
    members to be elected.

    From FTA-1001.007

    3.2 FTSC Standing Members

    FTSC members are appointed for a two year renewable term. [50 % of
    appointments on initial formation of the FTSC shall be for a 3 year
    renewable term, to ensure continuity of the Committee on expiry of
    the terms.]

    To be selected as a FTSC member, an individual must be a Fidonet
    node, and should be actively involved in Fidonet. Examples include
    having put out a Fidonet-related product or having updated a product
    in the preceding two years, or having experience as a Coordinator,
    Echomail Coordinator or mail or file Hub.

    Standing members may be nominated Fidonet-wide by all of the
    following methods:

    1. Any RC.
    2. A nominating committee established for the purpose by the FTSC.
    3. A nominating committee established for the purpose by the ZCC.

    A nominating committee may not consist of any current member or
    officer of the FTSC.

    Standing members are appointed on the basis of a vote by all RCs
    who are nodelisted as holding those positions at the time the
    nominations are published. A successful candidate must receive
    approval by a majority of votes.
    Publication of the nomination and the voting procedure, and posting
    of RC votes, shall take place openly in the FTSC_PUBLIC echo, and
    voting shall close three weeks after publication of the vote.

    The status of RC's will be determined by nodelist.028 of this year by
    the list as issued by the ZC in the zone where they reside.
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