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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Monday, January 24, 2022 16:01:08
    All RCs and members of a nominating committee are hereby
    invited to nominate members. Nominations must be posted in the
    FTSC_PUBLIC echo.

    Nominations start at Sunday, 30 January 2022, 20:00 UTC and end at
    Sunday, 20 February 2022, 20:00 UTC.

    Nominators are advised to sound out prospective nominees before
    filing a nomination. There is little or no point in nominating
    someone that has not shown interest and expressed willingness to

    Note to candidates: The main task of the FTSC is to document current
    practise. Contrary to what the name suggests, the FTSC does not create
    standards out of the blue. Current Fidonet practise evolves and when
    it has stabilized, it may become a standard through FTSC

    Also, the FTSC is not an enforcement body. Those who wish to join the
    FTSC in order to "engineer Fidonet" may be in for a disappointment.
    Our main job is that of a clerk. We write the technical manual, we do
    not design the machine. To avoid disappointment, sysops interested in
    joining the FTSC are strongly advised to read the following documents:


    Andrew Leary
    FTSC Election Coordinator

    2022 FTSC Standing Member Election - Time Frame
    Andrew Leary - 1:1/19@fidonet

    2022 FTSC standing member election, time frame

    Submission of nominations:
    Sunday, 30 Jan 2022, 20:00 UTC - Sunday, 20 Feb 2022, 20:00 UTC

    Acceptance of nominations by candidates:
    Right after nomination - Sunday, 27 Feb 2022, 20:00 UTC

    Candidates MUST accept by posting a message in FTSC_PUBLIC in order
    to qualify, with the exception of self nominees. The message must
    originate from a node number that has the candidate listed as SysOp
    in NODELIST.028 as issued by the candidate' ZC.

    Candidates MAY campaign in FTSC_PUBLIC right after accepting their
    nomination. Everyone may challenge the candidates.

    Submission of votes:
    Sunday, 27 Feb 2022, 20:00 UTC - Sunday, 20 Mar 2022, 20:00 UTC

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