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    They did and Helmut Hullen became listed as 2:2480/530 and later as

    He passed away Sept.19th 2016 and his obituary in Fidonews was
    written by ... me ...

    The money which he refunded to me ... I contacted all donors and
    asked them what they wanted me to do ... there were a lot of small
    amounts that really didn't make sense in view of the international
    money-transfer rates in 2005. So I asked if it would be OK to make a
    donation to a worthy cause. Some wanted the money back and were
    refunded, some not plus there were people that had left my line of
    sight in the meantime ... for the last 2 cases whatever money was
    left was donated to "Doctors Without Borders" and proof of the
    donation was sent to the people concerned. Not a remark was received.

    Hence ends the story of Helmut Hullen and the first Krautfunding in


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