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    You better watch yourself on the timeliness of subjects like this.

    I could have made it Russian.

    That's like the one episode of "Hogan's Heroes". Colonel Klink originally thought he'd go to the Russian Front (this was orchestrated by Colonel
    Hogan <G>). But, at the end of the episode, when Klink asked Major
    Hachstetter (sp?), he was told "Klink!! If I sent you to the Russian
    Front, I would be shot for treason!!" <G>.

    Werner Klemperer, who played Klink, lamented that his time on there
    would be what he would be rememebered for. He was actually an excellent orchestral conductor.

    ... Here's to our wives and girlfriends! May they never meet.

    These 2 guys are on a golf course, playing 18 holes, and as they
    move along, they notice to women golfers up ahead of them. Well,
    they are getting closer and closer to them, and one guy says to the
    other "Could you please ask the ladies if we could play on through,
    or we'll never get off the course??".

    Well, the first guy does what he's requested...but comes back a
    short time later, without asking the question. In horror, he says
    "I can't ask them!! One is my wife, and the other is my girl friend!!".

    So, the second guy says he'll take care of it.

    But, he comes back, and his response is "Ain't It A Small World??" <G>


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