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    Spring Has Sprung
    FidoGazette Editor

    Spring is in the air here at the Dennis household. It's still a
    little cool for my tastes but it will be too hot for me soon enough so
    I should just enjoy the cool weather for now. I have been busy trying
    to do spring cleaning when I can in between everything else. You
    know, for being medically retired, I have a lot of things to do.

    This is a late edition of the 'Gazette as I have been out all day and
    finally got home a bit later than I planned on. Unfortunately I do
    not have a lot of content for this issue (hint hint!) but am hoping I
    will have more for next week.

    We do have an article from Andrew Leary, FTSC Administrator, about the
    recent FTSC election preliminary results, along with the usual sundry

    I hope this issue of the 'Gazette finds you well. Thank you for
    reading the FidoGazette, as always, and I look forward to your


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