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    FGAZ 18-07 Page 3 21 Mar 2022

    unsupported hardware won't be entitled to updates, though when and how
    that cutoff is decided remains unclear, as this feature would have
    been pointless had that time already come.

    It's also worth noting that, as previously reported by The Register,
    hardware requirement checks on Windows 11 are only performed when
    upgrading a PC from Windows 10, and it's those instances where the
    bypass comes in, and where warnings will start to appear.

    Fresh Windows 11 installations from an ISO file don't check for
    hardware requirements, so if you're willing to start fresh you might
    be able to avoid this entire kerfuffle.

    Unless, that is, Microsoft is adding that watermark to all systems,
    even those with a fresh installation that didn't experience a hardware
    check with a prior version of Windows 11.


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