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    FGAZ 18-08 Page 3 28 Mar 2022

    The TRS-80 is also of enormous importance because Tandy hired a pair
    of chaps named Bill Gates and Paul Allen to write software for the
    machine. In case you haven't been paying attention, they later founded
    a little company you may have heard of called "Microsoft".

    Roach had a long career at Tandy, becoming CEO in 1983 and holding
    that position until 1999. He passed at age 83 and is survived by his
    wife, their two daughters, six grandchildren, and a

    On behalf of our readers, The Register extends its condolences to Mr
    Roach's and Mr Wilhite's families. Both men made enormous
    contributions to our industry, and we feel sure that many readers'
    first experiences of computers or online communities involved the
    TRS-80 or CompuServe.

    If you'd like to share your CompuServe, TRS-80, or GIF stories, drop
    me a line and we may give these pioneers a reader-contributed farewell
    to match the one you helped us write for Sir Clive Sinclair.


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