• Updated FidoGazette Submission Guidelines

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 20:06:34
    [ I finally got around to updating this... -- SD ]

    FidoGazette Article Submission Guidelines
    Updated 20 March 2022 ======================================================================
    The FidoGazette, founded in September 2007, is an alternative
    newsletter of the Fidonet BBS mail network for both its sysops and
    users. It is distributed electronically via Fidonet, the World Wide
    Web, and FTP. The FidoGazette welcomes articles, editorials, and
    features of interest to the Fidonet community.

    To have your article included in FidoGazette, simply send it to me

    - Netmail: 1:18/200 (no file attachments unless you are crashing my
    BBS directly via BinkP)

    - Email : sysop@outpostbbs.net (please use "FidoGazette Submission"
    as the title for any message)

    - FTP : anonymous FTP to bbs.outpostbbs.net in /incoming (please
    send me a message to let me know either in the
    FIDOGAZETTE echo or via netmail/email)

    To help me make it easier to format your article for FidoGazette:

    1. Use standard ASCII text. Most word processor formats can't be used
    by the FidoGazette software. In addition, the FidoGazette software
    won't accept most ASCII control characters nor any characters above
    ASCII 127 (this, unfortunately, includes all those neat box drawing characters). The text must not have any encoding of any kind.

    2. Start your lines at the left of your screen when typing. The
    software puts in a left margin automatically and I have to manually
    remove any left margin appearing in your document.

    3. Keep your line length to under 70 columns for tables or charts (or
    if you include an ASCII illustration). Regular paragraphs exceeding
    this 70 column limit can be reformatted during the editing process but
    tables and charts are normally distorted beyond recognition by a
    simple reformatting.

    4. Separate paragraphs with a blank line. This is how my text editor recognizes paragraph endings so I have to add blank lines manually if
    you don't.

    5. Title your article as you'd like to see it in the Table of
    Contents. If you don't, I'll make up a title for you, but I'd rather
    have the article appear as you wish. Please do the following at the
    top of your article:

    *Name Of Your Article
    Name Of Your Article
    Your Name (Node Number)

    The starred line will appear in the Table Of Contents. The lines
    after that will appear on your actual article.

    6. Include your name and node number (or email address) under the
    title. I'll grab it from your message if necessary but again I'd
    rather have the article appear as you wish.

    7. Check your own spelling and wording. Though I feel free to
    reformat your article so it conforms to technical requirements, I
    generally leave the wording (and spelling) alone as I don't want to
    distort what you have to say.

    8. Send your article before Sunday in order to see it in that
    Monday's edition. I normally check email, netmail, and the FTP
    directory before I finalize the edition and send it out Sunday
    evening. So if I get your article before Sunday evening, I'll include
    it but send it by Saturday 10 PM Eastern/New York to be safe.

    9. If you're not sure whether you should write or send in your
    article, I would encourage you to send it anyway. Chances are, if you
    write of something of interest to yourself, it'll be of interest to
    others. Besides, The FidoGazette is a better publication when it's
    written by a variety of people. We're all in this together and
    remember, knowledge is power!

    -- Sean Dennis (1:18/200), FidoGazette Editor

    Thanks to (and in fond memory of) Douglas C. Myers for the bulk of the
    above text.

    ... An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.
    --- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
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