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    I am thankful to be writing this. I suffered a major heart attack on
    March 31. My doctors call it a "widowmaker"; the kind of heart attack
    that kills more than people survive. I was one of the lucky few that
    survived. I have no damage to my heart from the heart attack but it
    was discovered that I have left ventricle hypertrophy (a hardening of
    the left ventricle caused by high blood pressure and causing my heart
    not to pump enough blood).

    They found three blockages inside of my heart so I am expecting
    triple bypass surgery sometime this summer. Right now, I have several
    risk factors that I am attempting to mitigate before the surgery can
    happen. So I have to take it easy and try not to stress too much as
    another heart attack will probably kill me.

    It is a very sobering fact that I am facing this as I turn 50. A
    heart attack is the last thing I expected but looking back, I can see
    there were warning signs that I didn't know about or expect to be
    dealing with.

    I am changing my diet and am working on getting my mouth ready for a
    full set of dentures (I have no teeth in my mouth as diabetes has
    caused them to all be removed). I figure that heart attack was my
    final warning to get my health going on the right track.

    I am thankful that I am still able to live alone and take care of
    myself; to get around under my own power; and not to have suffered any
    major aftereffects from the heart attack. If you are in good health,
    keep it. I'd not want to wish what I've been through on anyone.

    This week's 'Gazette is a last-minute deal. There is an article from
    Andrew Leary, FTSC Coordinator, that I meant to publish last week but
    it is in this week's FG. Sorry for the lack of exciting content but
    hopefully next week will be better. I'm dealing with a real lack of


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