• The FidoGazette Vol 18 Issue 09 Page 8

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Sunday, April 10, 2022 22:46:03
    FGAZ 18-09 Page 8 11 Apr 2022

    Desc: When you build a BBS on a Pi, you have a PiBBS!

    BBS Name: <<Prism BBS
    Sysop name: Janis Kracht
    Fidonet AKA: 1:261/38
    BBS Software: BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-5
    Telnet address/Phone #: filegate.net:2030
    Website: http://www.filegate.net:8090/bbbs
    FTP: ftp://filegate.net:60721
    Desc: Home of IFDC FileGate Project. Files from PDN, Util*Net,
    Win_FDN and more.

    BBS Name: Star Collision BBS
    Sysop name: Bjorn Wiberg
    Fidonet AKA: 2:201/137
    BBS Software: Mystic BBS
    Telnet address/Phone #: scbbs.nsupdate.info:61023
    Website: https://scbbs.nsupdate.info/
    Desc: Star Collision BBS was founded in 1993, closed in 1997, and
    re-opened in 2019. It will focus on echomail conferences and file
    echos for the time being, with more to come in the future.

    BBS Name: Roon's BBS
    Sysop name: Daniel Path
    Fidonet AKA: 2:371/52
    BBS Software: Maximus/2
    Telnet address/Phone #: bbs.roonsbbs.hu:1212 +36-1-4454412
    Website: http://bbs.roonsbbs.hu
    Desc: pure retro 90s bbs, original hardware and software :)

    BBS Name: thE qUAntUm wOrmhOlE
    Sysop name: Christian Sacks (MeaTLoTioN)
    Fidonet AKA: 2:250/5
    BBS Software: Mystic BBS v1.12 A47
    Telnet address/Phone #: bbs.erb.pw:23
    Website: https://erb.pw
    Desc: Mystic door development, experimental and educational, thE
    qUAntUm wOrmhOlE is the home of qUAntUm RaDio!, tqwNet and tqwCTF.
    Lots of door games and utilities, some traditional, some highly

    BBS Name: The Rusty MailBox
    Sysop name: Alan Ianson
    Fidonet AKA: 1:153/757
    BBS Software: BBBS
    Telnet address/Phone #: trmb.ca:2030
    Website: trmb.ca
    Desc: An old school BBS. File and message areas including Fidonet,
    fsxNet, Metronet and Cybernet.

    BBS Name: The Thunderbolt BBS
    Sysop name: Daryl Stout
    Fidonet AKA: 1:2320/33
    BBS Software: Synchronet
    Telnet address/Phone #: tbolt.synchro.net
    Website: tbolt.synchro.net

    --- MBSE BBS v1.0.8 (GNU/Linux-x86_64)
    * Origin: Outpost BBS * Johnson City, TN (1:18/200)