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    Stray Dogs Wait For Free Meals
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    Stray Dogs Know This Shop Prepares Free Meals, So They Wait Patiently
    For Their Turn

    BY Anna Mason
    April 10, 2022

    Gerardo Ortiz's mother taught him to always help those most in need.
    So when a hungry, stray dog appeared at his restaurant, Ajilalo, one
    night hoping for a scrap of food, Ortiz did what many other people
    would not do.

    Instead of chasing her away, the young Peruvian gave the overjoyed dog
    a meal. Unsurprisingly, the unloved animal appeared the following
    evening, and many more afterward.

    Word must have gone round about the tasty, free meals. Since that
    first night six years ago, other dogs have shown up at that place of
    kindness in the city of Lima, and Ortiz never fails to feed them and
    provide them with water.

    "I love to help animals and people-it fills my soul," he said. "We
    won't take anything with us when we leave this world, so let's share
    what little or however much we have-and let's respect the animals, end
    animal abuse."

    "My inspiration was always my mother and still is," he said. "She does
    the same with people and dogs. We also bring homeless people to our
    place and provide them with food."

    The small restaurant does a good trade in typically Peruvian
    meat-based dishes, including anticucho, rachi, and mollejitas, plus
    sweetbread. "We share with them the food we sell, and sometimes there
    are people who donate croquettes and we also share them," Ortiz said.

    For this passionate chef and small business owner, sharing what he has
    with others is the best feeling.

    With increasing numbers of strays on Peru's streets, one of the
    patrons of Restaurant Ajilalo has adopted six dogs herself. When Ortiz
    and his team have enough, they donate food to her, too.

    Ortiz, who aspired to run his own business since he was young, says
    his mother encouraged him to help due to her own concern for abandoned
    dogs in the country's capital.

    "Ever since I was a child I loved animals-my mother instilled that in
    me. As a child, I fed the dogs that passed by our home," he said.

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