• The FidoGazette Vol 18 Issue 11 Page 6

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    Princesa, the very first dog with the hungry look who showed up six
    years ago, sadly died of cancer. But not before she was adopted by an
    animal lover in the neighborhood, and given a comfortable home.

    "She always arrived at the same time", said Ortiz, remembering her.
    "She was practically the one who took care of us, and all our clients
    knew her."

    Ortiz and his staff's acts of kindness have attracted followers on
    social networks keen to reach out and commend their good deeds. Even
    his customers are full of praise seeing how the restaurant staff feeds
    the hungry canine visitors.

    "Thank God we have always had the full support of our customers," he

    At the moment, Restaurant Ajilalo is running out of rented premises,
    but Ortiz is gradually working toward purchasing his own building.

    "With effort and dedication, I know I will achieve it," Ortiz said


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