• The FidoGazette Vol 18 Issue 11 Page 8

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Monday, May 30, 2022 11:10:22
    FGAZ 18-11 Page 7 30 May 2022

    Desc: When you build a BBS on a Pi, you have a PiBBS!

    BBS Name: Phoenix BBS
    Sysop name: Andrew Leary
    Fidonet AKA: 1:320/219
    BBS Software: MBSE BBS 1.0.8
    Telnet address/Phone #: phoenix.bnbbbs.net:2323
    FTP: phoenix.bnbbbs.net
    Website: http://phoenix.bnbbbs.net/index.html
    Desc: Home of MBSE BBS and FidoNet New England Region 16.

    BBS Name: <<Prism BBS
    Sysop name: Janis Kracht
    Fidonet AKA: 1:261/38
    BBS Software: BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-6
    Telnet address/Phone #: filegate.net:2030
    Website: http://www.filegate.net:8090/bbbs
    FTP: ftp://filegate.net:60721
    Desc: Home of IFDC FileGate Project. Files from PDN, Util*Net,
    Win_FDN and more.

    BBS Name: Star Collision BBS
    Sysop name: Bjorn Wiberg
    Fidonet AKA: 2:201/137
    BBS Software: Mystic BBS
    Telnet address/Phone #: scbbs.nsupdate.info:61023
    Website: https://scbbs.nsupdate.info/
    Desc: Star Collision BBS was founded in 1993, closed in 1997, and
    re-opened in 2019. It will focus on echomail conferences
    and file echos for the time being, with more to come in the

    BBS Name: Roon's BBS
    Sysop name: Daniel Path
    Fidonet AKA: 2:371/52
    BBS Software: Maximus/2
    Telnet address/Phone #: bbs.roonsbbs.hu:1212 +36-1-4454412
    Website: http://bbs.roonsbbs.hu
    Desc: pure retro 90s bbs, original hardware and software :)

    BBS Name: thE qUAntUm wOrmhOlE
    Sysop name: Christian Sacks (MeaTLoTioN)
    Fidonet AKA: 2:250/5
    BBS Software: Mystic BBS v1.12 A47
    Telnet address/Phone #: bbs.erb.pw:23
    Website: https://erb.pw
    Desc: Mystic door development, experimental and educational, thE
    qUAntUm wOrmhOlE is the home of qUAntUm RaDio!, tqwNet and
    tqwCTF. Lots of door games and utilities, some traditional,
    some highly experimental.

    BBS Name: The Rusty MailBox
    Sysop name: Alan Ianson
    Fidonet AKA: 1:153/757
    BBS Software: BBBS
    Telnet address/Phone #: trmb.ca:2030

    --- MBSE BBS v1.0.8 (Linux-x86_64)
    * Origin: Outpost BBS * Johnson City, TN (1:18/200)