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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Ward Dossche on Friday, July 22, 2022 16:19:00
    Ward Dossche wrote to Sean Dennis <=-

    Do you know Bjorn? How he ticks? How he talks? No you
    don't, you know as good as nothing about him. Probably he's
    a softspoken Swede, maybe a tad drunk, speaking in the
    melodic-rithmic way that Scandinavians do. He's got a lot
    to offer and we have sort of plans to meet someday before
    we kick the bucket.

    In the last quarter-century I have dealt with him, he has not once
    contributed anything positive to a conversation I was in. Instead, he has constantly insulted me and has had a filthy mouth. I'd say after 25 years,
    I know more than what I want to know.

    True, he can be an arse, so can I, but try to consider him as a
    resource. You are a resource to me too and that makes it a lot easier.

    I can be a real PITA also. I know this and, I hope, that over the years
    I've tried to improve myself and my signal-to-noise ratio.

    By twtting someone you may miss good stuff. A twit filter
    may have been a tool 25 years ago, these days with the
    numbers we are, it is a loss.

    As I said earlier, 25 years of insults and filth have caused me to fire up
    the twit filter again. Some things are not worth the stress and I sure the heck am not going to let anyone give me another heart attack.

    Diabetes is a still misunderstood killer.

    It's what has caused nearly all of my physical issues from my heart attacks
    to my Charcot foot (main physical disability) to my deep vein thrombosis and
    my pulmonary embolism to my ever-painful diabetic neuropathy. I cannot
    express strongly enough in words about taking care of one's self to avoid diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

    -- Sean
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