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    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to ALL on Sunday, June 25, 2023 21:20:31
    Hello Everybody,

    Vince Coen has made me an offer I cannot refuse.

    In a message to ALL, in a galaxy far far away, Vince Coen informed
    everyone of an urgent step that needs to be taken ASAP. As such, it
    has become my duty and obligation to step forward and do what needs
    to be done. What should have been done long ago. Here is Vince's
    original post, or rather the pertinent part -

    Hello All!

    Right well no one has expressed an interest in taking over the Elist
    service along with the Pi it is running on.

    To remind every one I will be 76 as of June 23 and my health could be

    Historically, for the previous two Elist maintainers etc, on their
    death the service died as well as their next of kin had no usage
    of the service or any other within fido land etc so could not be
    contacted any way.

    So this caused someone else to program a solution that the previous
    elist keeper had in fact done. What a waste of effort.

    I had hoped that by moving the entire operation on to a Raspberry
    Pi which is low power system someone (a lot younger) might have been
    interested in taking it over.

    -=end quote=-

    Therefore, effective immediately, I have taken over this operation.
    Nothing more needs to be done. Since The Elist/Echolist has never
    been an official part of Fidonet in any way, shape, or form it is
    hereby relegated to its original state - a total nothing.

    Thank you, Vince, for playing your part.
    The entire Fidonet community thanks you for your service.

    May the Elist Service RIP.

    For Life,

    Often Licked, Never Beaten

    --- MesNews/
    * Origin: news://eljaco.se:4119 (2:203/2)