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    Hello Everybody,

    It had to happen.

    Megyn Kelly is upset. The consersative commentator is so upset
    she called the entire USA women's soccer team "morons" - and for
    good reason.

    As all who watched in the stadium and live on television could tell,
    only three of the USA players sang when the national anthem was being
    played, the rest of the team remained silent as can be.

    "These morons on the women's soccer team continue to embarrass us
    on the naional stage."

    What more can be said? More. A lot more -

    "They got to a 0-0 tie with Portugal. They've only scored four goals
    in three games. It's the first time ever, that the women's team does
    not have at least two wins at this stage of the competition. And yet
    they're celebrating out there like they've just won the whole thing."

    Yep. Megyn Kelly herself said it. In her own words.

    The women she called "morons" advanced to the Round of 16.
    That's right. The #1 ranked team got to where it deserves to be.
    After all, they earned it.

    What does that say about #8 ranked Brazil, which failed? What does
    that say about #7 ranked Olympic champion Canada which also failed?

    Face it, Megyn. The world is catching up with the USA. As it already
    has with Brazil. And Canada. Not only caught up with, but surpassed.

    The entire world (or at least those in Australia and New Zealand)
    will all find out how morons from the USA handle Vikings from Sweden
    this Sunday.

    For Life,

    If PBS won't do it, who will?

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