• ChatGPT & Fidonews

    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to Björn Felten on Saturday, January 06, 2024 22:48:15
    Hello Björn,

    There is a significant submissions problem that requires
    your full and immediate attention -

    How to Submit an Article

    If you wish to submit an article for inclusion in the Fidonews, here
    are some guidelines, if you send it as an attached file; the preferred
    method if you want reasonable control over how the published article
    will appear in the Fidonews:

    As you know, editors of publicantions from around the world have
    been experiencing a growing problem with submissions from ChatGPT.
    So much so that many of these publicantions have been forced to
    quit accepting submissions altogether.

    Whether it is fiction, or nonfiction articles, the submissions
    by ChatGPT are truly awful. So dreadful that such an onslaught of
    such drivel would drive you completely mad, if not something worse.

    Therefore, I humbly beseech you to make an addendum to your How to
    Submit an Article section by including the following -

    "We will *not* consider any submissions written, developed or
    assisted by these tools. Attempting to submit these works may result
    in being banned from submitting works in the future."
    - As quoted in Asimov's Science Fiction submission guidelines

    While that may seem to be a draconian solution to the problem,
    the alternative is far worse given the content of what editors
    have been forced to endure.

    So please. Take out your Hammer. Time to put it to good use.

    Of course, long-standing tools such as spell and grammar checks,
    dictionaries, and or thesauruses should never be used as an excuse
    to ban anybody from submitting atticles. Not that anybody bothers
    to use spell and grammar checks, dictionaries, or thesauruses.

    So. The choice is up to you. You are the only person evaluating
    the submissions to the Fidonews. And I am sure you want to give the
    *real* storytellers as much of your time as possible. I know you
    do not want to waste your precious time on reading AI-assisted
    dreck. The MAGA stuff is bad enough. You are the one who reads
    everything, regardless of content, and as editor make the actual
    determination as to what actually gets published.

    Real people take the time to write stories and articles and send
    them your way. That is what real people do with editors of other
    publications. Every single person who writes their own story has
    their own unique perspective of looking at a situation. It is
    this creative process, of each and every person, that give rise
    to the idea that a person is something far more than any ChatGPT
    can ever hope to become.

    Now it is time to go. Time to let you find the six or so stories
    and articles you find suitable for publication in the Fidonews.

    Real article coming your way this weekend. About Moon rocks
    NASA claims were brought back to Earth by Apollo missions.

    For Life,


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