• allfix

    From Utopian Galt@21:4/108 to All on Sunday, September 03, 2023 19:48:48
    It seems the allfix website is down.

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  • From Shurato@21:2/148 to Utopian Galt on Monday, September 11, 2023 00:18:00

    It seems the allfix website is down.
    Has been for a while now, I was trying to register it and had to resort to
    the crack. I think the author passed away this or last year. Too bad. I
    love it. I use fastecho for messages, but use allfix for files.

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  • From Exodus@21:1/176 to Utopian Galt on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 17:49:05
    It seems the allfix website is down.

    It's been for months. I have all their files @ ttb.rgbbs.info if you need any ...

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