• How do you handle your nodelists?

    From Shurato@21:2/148 to All on Monday, September 25, 2023 16:23:00
    Weekly, I just started running a batch file to handle each nodelist, looking like:

    cd \ele\files\nodelist
    dir /b /o:-d *.z?? > c:\ele\temp\file.txt
    set /p filename=<c:\ele\temp\file.txt
    del c:\ele\irex\nodelist\file_id.diz
    del c:\ele\irex\nodelist\nodelist.*
    pkunzip %filename% c:\ele\irex\nodelist

    Would there be an easier way to do this? I never know if there's going to be
    a file_id.diz, so I just delete that to get rid of it and not have to worry about a dialogue. This works.

    I do this, with the appropriate changes for each network.

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