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    From Bucko@21:4/131 to All on Monday, October 09, 2023 17:53:14
    A little background, I am mapping out a InterBBS game for the C64 and Image BBS,I will be taking the old game Empire and moving it into InterBBS play. Now my questions are, for those of you sysOp's who run the InterBBS BRE, how does that work? Meaning, when a user plays the game on your board I assume there are files that then get transferred to a HUB and then disseminated out to the other boards in the League. That or those files that get sent out, are they the user who played it's stats only? OR do they send the entire stats file for all users? Is this done automatically after a user plays the game, or does it get done say at a automaint time??

    What my plan is take that old game of Empire (BRE like) and when the user has run out of time and moves, either send the entire stats file of all users playing on that board, to the other boards OR just that players stats. Not sure and that is where you guys come in with my above questions. The other thing I am planning on is to not have it where the user is locked to 1 board to play, they will be able to play on any board in the "league" that is involved, so there stats will be available on all boards in the "league".

    Any info you guys can give me on this would be appreciated. And sorry for the long post...


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