• Another clrghouz update...

    From deon@21:2/116 to All on Monday, December 18, 2023 15:36:06

    My last update, I implemented a routine to take care of FTN routing - my goal is to have it somewhat automated, so that as clrghouz joins nets, it figures out how to route within in.

    In the last update, it mainly addressed packets created by clrghouz, and I ommitted the message contents within a packet (namely the message headers, and the contents of a message generated by clrghouz).

    I've just pushed out another (largish) change to fix the later - so hopefully now clrghouz generated messages (in netmails (eg: ping) and echomails (eg:test) have the correct from address, pathlines, etc.

    If you notice something out of the ordinary about clrhgouz's address (in packets or messages) please let me know.

    I also saw a report about duplicated kludge lines that I havent looked into yet - so if you do see bad/duplicated kludge lines, or bad path/seenby addresses let me know as well.


    --- SBBSecho 3.20-Linux
    * Origin: I'm playing with ANSI+videotex - wanna play too? (21:2/116)