• Woo!

    From Exodus@21:1/144 to All on Thursday, April 11, 2024 21:52:31
    Woo, I did it. :) I tweaked my batch file so whenever someone telnets in via fTelnet they go to one node. Now no one has to guess what protocol to pick to download with, G or Z, they just have to press ENTER for either case. So happy. Been wondering in my head how I was going to go about adding this stupid work around into RG via a cmd key, but it was easily done via a batch file before the board loads.

    Only issue now is somehow get Michael to add Y-Modem-G support into EZ-ROM and this would take care of my 173 shareware cds too. But I guess if you wanted to leech those, you can telnet back in with your client and grab them via zmodem anyways.

    Okay, off to bed. hahaha

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