• Re: .BBS Domains

    From Joacim Melin@21:2/130 to metalhead on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 13:29:35
    Eggy, and the other guy who was asking about .TLD domains (sorry
    forgot your

    I tried to contact you guys at your BBSs but I couldn't get through to either.

    Contact me at Shadowscope BBS (bbs.shadowscope.com) and I will give
    you the
    guy's email address. That's the easy way. Or you can go to opennic.org
    try to get his info from there (harder!)

    Out of respect for the guy I just don't want to post his email address publicly here.

    Maybe this will help: https://wiki.opennic.org/opennic/dot/bbs?s[]=bbs

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