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    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Thursday, April 02, 2020 16:21:09
    On 01 Apr 2020 at 04:31p, ryan pondered and said...

    I don't care about your political differences, I care about the way you insult people, and I won't stand for it. I don't care if it's me you're insulting or some other person, even if it's a person I disagree with.

    You need to stop. And if someone directly insults you, flag it. Please
    try to be more civil around here.

    Avon, please chime in, sadly Gamgee has a habit of being rather nasty toward people and I think the network suffers because of it. He also refuses to budge.

    Hi everyone. I'm going to cross-post this into a few echos to ensure
    everyone has eyes on this reply.

    Guys I point you to the information below in the FSXNET.TXT file in the infopack.

    You would have see it when you signed up and depending on how long you have been here for, may have seen me post about it before in echomail also.

    == Goals ====================================================================

    - Support and create learning and experimental opportunities
    - Explore and develop new and interesting methods of online communication
    - Foster international friendships without borders
    - Raise awareness of BBS as a hobby and communications option for
    the 21st century

    == Values ===================================================================

    - Have fun!
    - Keep it simple
    - Be kind, respectful and helpful
    - Reject disruptive conduct that willfully incites discord

    Anyone posting in fsxNet needs to ask themselves are they doing the above a service or a disservice?

    If there's stuff being posted by anyone that falls in to the latter camp and
    is not in sympathy with the above then I ask you to please stop.

    For the most part everyone is very good about working to these
    goals/values and I thank everyone for that.

    That said, I've noticed that when matters of politics (be they BBS network or country specific) are being aired... the nature of the subject lends itself
    to debate.

    Normally such debates can be had in a way that both sides can say
    their point of view and agree to disagree without it descending into anything worse.

    I say normally... but if an author can't find something nice to say and/or strays in to areas of conduct that is not kind, respectful or helpful, or conduct that is disruptive and inciting discord among others - that must stop.

    I don't condone anyone calling others names or running someone else in the network down etc. and my view is that the wider community supports this stance, indeed wants it spotlighted more so during this time of additional crisis and stress that we're all going through with COIVID-19 and all the other dramas in our daily lives.

    I've written in a recent post of the greater need for more kindness and understanding which in my view is even more important now than before. I just want to reiterate that point again.

    I've no desire to spend my days moderating every single individual discussion in fsxNet where 'he said vs he said' dramas are being aired in ways that are contrary to the goals / values of the network.

    Indeed it's been a hallmark of the network that the wider community has been good at self moderating as a group on topics/issues when they come up and folks have (for the most part) acknowledged they may have overstepped the line in the heated discussion they were involved with, and backed away and cooled off -
    all good things.

    I also have no strong desire to ban individuals from fsxNet but reserve the right as ZC to do so.

    We're all adults and can act as such. I ask everyone reflect on the points I've made and thank you for your involvement in the network and working to keep it a fun place to engage in.

    If you feel that in the coming days and weeks after I have posted this to
    'All' that there are still specific issues around conduct that are just not being adhered to please those concerns in a netmail to me so I can look into
    it and if need be address them.

    Best, Paul.

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