• Wasn't supposed to work...

    From Phoobar@21:2/147 to All on Friday, May 29, 2020 00:36:18
    Was kicking around finishing up on "The Royal" & now "The Royal Today".
    Hacked off the complete run of the former wasn't there. ;0

    Anyway...I just setup MagiTerm to connect to the Arca box using the DDNS.Net address on port 2626. 1st try it answered on that port...rather than on 23 using the local address on port 23. Have SGMail answer the modem...tell me to hit ESC 2x to get to the board. TG/2 doesn't answer...but I can get VModem to answer...get SGMail to pick up the line & try to get to TG/2.

    I am stoked to get this far & with 4 days off next week...should be able to
    get the system to running tests.

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