• ENiGMA 1/2 v0.0.12-beta

    From NuSkooler@21:1/121 to All on Wednesday, June 03, 2020 21:33:37
    (cross posted)

    ENiGMA½ has been bumped to version 0.0.12-beta!

    * `master` is now the mainline development branch. New features, etc. will be found here. Major features will be developed in their own branch and brought in when ready. Keep an eye on UPGRADE.md, WHATSNEW.md, etc. See also this ticket: https://github.com/NuSkooler/enigma-bbs/issues/276. Also note that the versioning scheme may change in the future. Still debating what to do here. Thoughts welcome!

    * A completely new telnet server and websocket server are in place. Faster, more compliant, etc.

    * TONS of improvements, fixes, features, etc. that were found in 0.0.11-beta are now here. If you were running older versions especially, please see the aformentioned upgrade documents.

    Xibalba BBS @ xibalba.l33t.codes / 44510(telnet) 44511(ssh)
    ENiGMA 1/2 BBS WHQ | Phenom | 67 | iMPURE | ACiDic
    --- ENiGMA 1/2 v0.0.12-beta (linux; x64; 12.13.1)
    * Origin: Xibalba -+- xibalba.l33t.codes:44510 (21:1/121)