• From Dumas Walker@21:1/175 to All on Thursday, June 25, 2020 19:27:47

    Your locale (using the LANG, LC_CTYPE, or LC_ALL environment variable,
    e.g., en_US) or $_external_char_set setting in ~/.dosemurc or dosemu.conf
    does not match your terminal: one assumes UTF-8 and the other does not. Non-ASCII characters ("extended ASCII") were not displayed correctly.

    I keep getting this message. I thought that reconfiguring the locales package would fix it but it does not. I am getting it in a VM. If I am logged into the VM directly, programs like Midnight Commander display correctly, but
    things in dosemu (like my BBS or multimail, slmr, etc.) do not. If I ssh in,
    I get this message after exiting dosemu. Not only do the DOS programs look like crap, so does midnight commander or anything else that uses extended

    I originally thought I had a dosemu setting wrong but I checked them against
    an installation that is working... the working one is set to use defaults and so is the one on the funky machine.

    One other thing, when running midnight commander locally (not over ssh), the lxterminal window I am using is displaying it fine... things only go sideways when I ssh into the funky VM.

    OK, just tested... it poops the bed when I ssh into another machine, too.
    That machine also normally looks ok.

    So, I am guessing, part of it is an issue with lxterminal+ssh, on this
    machine, but part of the issue is also that the dosemu sessions still barf, even when logged in "locally" directly in VirtualBox.

    Sorry, this rambles a bit. I am a little pissed. Had tty0tty and tcpser working fine. Attempting to replicate the setup on a different box and it is also pooping the bed. But that can be figured out another time. :)

    Thanks. :)
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    Greetings All!


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