• Dbridge/Binkd

    From doctor wade@21:3/105 to All on Sunday, June 28, 2020 09:09:29
    Decided to try Dbridge for OS/2 on my OS/2 4.52 vm. Docs say the
    Dbridge version is 3.99. When Dbridge polls my test box it shows that it completes a binks session in the main log. The binkd.log is never created
    and the poll never reaches the test box. The docs suggest running a seperate os/2 window with the command binkdos2 -C dbridge.bnk. That results with an error of "EMX file not found". I can successfully poll my test box from a
    OS/2 window with "binkd -POLL netaddress binkd.cfg so I know that the
    0.9.4 version of binkd works. Has anyone successfully used dbridge with binkd and OS/2? Where can I find the EMX file it is looking for?

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