• League 411 Reset. BRE and FE Players Needed!

    From Rastus@21:1/138 to fsxNet_.FSX_BBS on Wednesday, July 08, 2020 12:29:50
    ------[ C O M B A T N E T I B B S G A M I N G ]--------- ------------------------------------------------------------
    Barren Realms Elite - Falcon's Eye - Global Wars - and MORE!

    CombatNet is unlike most IBBS Gaming Leagues. Our Games are

    hosted on the Same Server while each BBS has it's own instance

    of the IBBS Game. That means in BRE/FE - No MITs and Uniform

    Travel Times! CombatNet takes the hassle out of IBBS Gaming!

    - No hassle for Users - Fast and Easy Setup for SysOps! -

    Play CombatNet Games at any of these Great BBS's

    2nd Choice Core 2ndchoicecore.ddns.net
    Archaic Binary bbs.archaicbinary.net
    Basement Theory BBS basement.synchro.net
    BattleStar BBS battlestarbbs.dyndns.org
    Blag Flag blackflag.acid.org
    Black Sun BBS blacksun.synchro.net
    Bottomless Abyss bbs.bottomlessabyss.net
    Electronic Warfare bbs.ewbbs.net
    End Of The Line BBS endofthelinebbs.com
    Error 404 BBS error404bbs.ddns.net:404
    Force9 BBS bbs.force9.org
    Datanet BBS datanetbbs.net
    flupH BBS flupH.darktech.org
    Freeside BBS freesides.bbs.io
    iNK tWo BBS bbs.inktwo.com
    KN6Q BBS bbs.kn6q.org
    Nite Eyes BBS bbs.lizardmaster.com
    Mystic Dreams mysticdreams.dyndns.org
    Necronomocon BBS necrobbs.strangled.net
    Section One BBS sectiononebbs.com
    SiliconUnderground siliconu.com
    Sinners Haven BBS el3te.com
    Undercurrents BBS bbs.undercurrents.io:8888
    TCS Online bbs.trianglecloud.xyz
    The Amiga Frontier frontierbbs.net:8888
    The Underground BBS www.theunderground.us
    The Undermine bbs.undermine.ca:423
    Wrong Number BBS wn2.duckdns.org

    And more.... Add your BBS to our gaming community today!

    SysOps please visit http://combatnet.us to sign you BBS up!

    Fat Rastus | SysOp: CombatNet IBBS Gaming
    Play Barren Realms Elite, Falcon's Eye, & More!
    info@combatnet.us | http://combatnet.us
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    * Origin: Electronic Warfare BBS|bbs.ewbbs.net|Vincennes,IN (21:1/138)