• Java BBS Door program

    From bamageek@21:1/140 to All on Thursday, July 09, 2020 17:00:44

    Hey guys,

    I was tinkering around a little with Door programming in Java and am having a little trouble grasping the whole Door concept. I know the Door32.sys file contains a Comm Type (0=local, 1=serial, 2=telnet) and a socket handle. If
    I'm a telnet user connected to a BBS I should have a Comm Type of 2 and a socket handle greater than zero (I think). So in Java, somehow I think I need to connect to that socket handle in an input and output stream to be able to read and write data to that socket.

    So, I spent some time playing around with the java.net ServerSocket API but haven't realy figured out how to get the connection. Are there any gurus out there who can give me some examples on how to receive a handle from the BBS
    and communicate with the Telnet user?


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