• For Honour

    From apam@21:1/126 to ALL on Thursday, August 13, 2020 22:04:07

    Just a note to let you know git is no longer compatible with the version running on fsxnet. It's not stable either. So don't use it.

    If you want to run For Honour, best to get it from Agency or another
    FSXnet BBS.

    The reason for this is I've started a big overhaul, and it will likely
    take a while. I am testing the most current build on wunderlust, but I've twiddled with experience, damage, added health bars and potions.. gems
    drop less now.

    The goal is to make it not get so easy on higher levels, yet remain
    playable on lower levels. If you want to help test, come on over :) but
    expect frequent resets.


    --- TitanFTN (Linux/x86_64)
    * Origin: Wunderlust BBS - wunderlust.ddns.net:2023 (21:1/126)