• MagiChat

    From apam@21:1/126 to All on Thursday, November 05, 2020 19:34:12

    I am moving my magichat server from the barbed hook to my talismanbbs
    server. This is to take advantage of the uptime of the VPS. We are likely getting a few more storms and this move will allow continuous uptime.

    new server is

    server = talismanbbs.com
    port = 11892

    please update your ini files..

    The barbed hook server will remain running for the time being, it's motd
    has been changed to reflect the new server :)


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  • From Apam@21:1/182 to Apam on Thursday, November 05, 2020 19:50:53
    RE: Re: MagiChat
    BY: apam(21:1/126)

    port = 11892

    oops. 18920

    same as before..


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  • From Havok@21:4/10 to Apam on Thursday, November 05, 2020 09:09:00
    same as before..

    There you go talking to yourself again!

    Laughing, hope you are doing well...

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    %..Greg Youngblood aka Havok..%

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