• QWK packs and readers mangled

    From bbsing@21:1/101 to All on Wednesday, January 06, 2021 17:50:37
    Hello out there.

    I'm trying to figure out what is happening with QWK packs.

    I use two different readers, and I get different results.

    1) Using terminate 5.0 mail reader via dosbox, I can read and toss qwk
    packets from 3 years ago without an issue. Now new packs downloaded, seem to have the message body running across the to and from field.
    1.a) when I open the message the message looks like it contains several posts/messages.
    1.b) Message index produces strange results for subject and from. Like the headers are broken.

    2) Using multimail 0.52 on linux, on some boards the index for each area look fine, but a qwk pack from another board, some messages the index says:
    2.a) the message index has a count, the count seems valid but going into each message area via the mail reader is not good as stated in 2).

    Does anyone here understand message network QWK pack builds, and database
    files within the pack?

    Does anyone here understand what might be the problem?

    Was there a change in message network header formats?

    I don't know anything about message networks accept there are lots of
    messages I like to read and reply to, but I think I may have to dig in a bit deeper to understand and fix my problem.

    Bbsing :)

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