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    Yes. I've offered it here via FTN for quite some time, although I've
    never really advertised it much. It's mainly for the few people out
    there that can't do QWK at all due to using software that doesn't
    support it, and don't care to setup Synchronet or Mystic just to feed themselves Dovenet via QWK.
    Oddly I feed myself Dovenet via QWK via Winserver. But I might bridge it to wwivnet as a test.

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    On 06 Feb 2021, Utopian Galt said the following...

    Oddly I feed myself Dovenet via QWK via Winserver. But I might bridge it to wwivnet as a test.

    Quite a few people do this, and that's completely fine. I only cater to the sysops that don't care to do so, but just want an FTN feed to Dovenet (it is, and always has been a pretty steady network as far as traffic goes). I think I have 2 or 3 links, but they have been steady, reliable links for .. damn if I have to think about it, probably a decade or more!

    On the other hand, if you want to feed yourself via Mystic, Synchronet, or WWIV (this was more recently an option), I am glad to help with that. However, I'm not looking for someone to grab a feed for dovenet and then do it themselves 2 weeks later. The Dovenet feed I provide is more for people that don't give a shit, run other software that doesn't support QWK and don't care to do crazy workarounds themselves. This is why I never advertised it much, to be honest. It really only needs to get around by word of mouth of people of the same interest. ;)


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