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    From Black Panther@21:1/186 to All on Sunday, February 28, 2021 22:10:26
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    Official Release

    Mys Tic File Announce v4.0.3
    Simple program to generate new file
    reports based on incoming TIC files
    Simply copy TIC files into a separate
    directory, and let MTAFILE do its work

    This archive contains both a Win32 and
    Linux64 executable

    Huge re-write which caused huge speed
    increase! Many bug fixes, and removed
    some amateur coding mistakes.

    RCS - Bringing useful modifications to the
    BBS community in 2021
    RCS Development Team - (c)2021

    The updates to this program are far to numerous to mention here, but following are some of the highlights:

    4.0.3 -=>Serious rewriting and optimizing of code. It needed a lot of help.
    Added logging of exit errorlevels to both screen and to log file.
    Added debug coding option within code
    Fixed bug where only last line of LDesc was printed.
    Implemented full use of OSID, including path separators and line
    Added option for how file size is shown in reports - See rcs.ini
    Added option for thousand separator - See rcs.ini
    Overhauled the logging functions to make them cleaner
    Added time check to see how long processing takes.
    Added option for date format - See rcs.ini
    Added trim file function to .dat file
    Sped up processing 1000 tic files from over 12 minutes, down to
    0.32 seconds on my test system

    If you are using an older version of MTAFile, you will want to try out this version. It is a lot faster, and better optimized. This version also has better logging, so if you do run into an issue, it will be easier to figure out what happened, and why.

    For this version, the rcs.ini file format has changed slightly. Instead of each line needing the '=' sign, such as:

    BBS=My Awesome BBS

    It just needs a blank now.

    BBS My Awesome BBS

    There have also been some additions to the rcs.ini file that can be changed to fit your locale, and preference. The thousand separator can now be configured, as well as the date format, and file size.

    There is also no need to worry about having the slash/backslash on the path lines in the rcs.ini file. If they are included, it will work fine, but it is not required anymore.

    If you would like to find an early release of this program, visit one of the following RCS distribution BBSs.

    Castle Rock BBS bbs.castlerockbbs.com
    The Underground www.theunderground.us:10023
    2o f0r beeRS BBS 20ForBeers.com:1337
    TOXiC telnet.toxicbbs.icu:1337 (132x37 only)


    Black Panther(RCS)
    aka Dan Richter
    Castle Rock BBS
    The sparrows are flying again...

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/01/14 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: Castle Rock BBS - bbs.castlerockbbs.com (21:1/186)