• dosbox, mac, serial -> freeze

    From Daniel Path@21:4/148 to All on Thursday, June 03, 2021 12:53:34
    Hello All.

    i have a strange problem with dosbox.

    i've set the serial as:

    $ serial2=modem realport=com2

    and triing to connect with dos navigator/vc to my bbs. Xenia Mailer shows
    me the banner, but when i press ESC twice, my whole computer freezes.
    can you help me, what am i missing?


    ... BBS: Uptime is 02d 01h 22m 52s (BT-Uptime/OS2, V1.5)
    --- GoldED+/EMX
    * Origin: Roon's BBS - Budapest, HUNGARY (21:4/148)