• Wanna do some ANSI for my latest mod?

    From hyjinx@21:1/126 to All on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 18:30:12
    Hi team,

    I just soft-launched the first version of my latest (and first fully own-produced) mod.

    From the BBS side of things you can't yet access all of the functionality because I've not opened it up to full use, but at the moment you can see a
    core part of its functionality, which shows the top10 crypto currencies. The data for that is updated every few hours, and it shows current price, high
    and low watermarks, % change, that sort of stuff, for each coin. If you press the $ key from my 'More Stuff - G' menu, you can try it out.It doesn't look that impressive though because all it does is display text (albeit in
    colour). If anyone feels like helping with some artwork for it, that would rock!

    The rest of the features in the mod include an individual price for a coin, view trending coins, view the market price change over time for a coin and so forth. These are work in progress. If anyone wants to be a tester, let me
    know :)


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