• File archive: Elektron BBS

    From Nightfox@21:1/137 to All on Friday, June 10, 2022 09:34:43
    Yesterday, after trying to download a file from archives.thebbs.org and then realizing their files all seem to be gone, I was doing a search and found that this BBS seems to have the file available (according to their file list):
    However, it seems that most of their files are only available via dialup. I don't have a modem (or even a standard phone line) right now; also, his BBS is in Germany, so it would be a long-distance call for me as well.

    Some of his files are available to download on that web site, but most of them are not. And it looks like it has FTP access, but it requires a password for anonymous and I don't know what password it needs.

    Does anyone know about this Elektron BBS site?

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