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    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Friday, February 24, 2023 13:05:25
    Well the traveling has been going OK. Flying home tonight and hopefully the weather gods will be playing nice. It's been mostly hot and summery here while at home there has been a cold snap that I missed (insert fake sigh here).

    It's been good to visit and see my parents. Always sad to say goodbye but while I have been here I've been able to help with jobs around the house, clearing leaves from gutters etc. so that's good.

    Heading home as a weekend starts so will have a few days to re-orientate myself before diving back into a working week.

    Weather wise the East Coast of the North Island (recovering from cyclone Gabrielle) is about to get hit with more bad weather... the forecasters are expecting a further 150-200ml of rain in the coming 24 hours on already sodden grounds. Understandably some locals are very nervous and there have been approximately 80+ homes evacuated in one area as a precaution.

    I'm not near any of that bad weather but am wondering if flights may be delayed or impacted by this current patch of bad weather. Fingers are crossed my travels will go smoothly and that those in the more direct firing line of this bad weather will come off relatively unscathed.

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