• gps in blackberry

    From Ogg@21:4/106.21 to All on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 08:41:00
    I just realized that the gps receiver in the Blackberry Q10
    (bb) can be entertaining.

    It began with my search for an app that could integrate the GPS
    reciever with map info. The built-in Maps app in the bb only
    works with cellular connection, so that wouldn't do.

    A friend suggested a OpenMap from Fdroid.. but the bb wouldn't
    support it. (Fdroid only provides a download link for apps that
    it thinks are compatible with my bb's Android version). But in
    the list of supported apps was something called GPStest which
    was downloadable.

    I'm suitably impressed with that one!

    It pinpoints the GPS sats in the sky, even the other
    international ones not just the USA ones.

    There is a map mode which pinpoints one's own location, and the
    data is shareable. So.. if you needed to tell someone your
    coordinates, it's easy.

    The app operates purely with GPS, no cellular or wifi required.

    --- OpenXP 5.0.57
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