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    Makes one wonder if these visionary designers even try to USE
    their inventions in a real-life roadtest scenario to see if
    they are practical to use.

    Considering the fact that car/transportation industry goes directly into self-driving scenarios only.. I'd expect more entertainment placed
    inside for passengers.. I believe human driver's needs and perspective will be continually deprecated when above matures into a fully
    functional product.

    With how easy weather and deliberate spoofing can poison the data collection of the current sensor packages, we may not have a generalized self-drive for some time.

    When mine ices over, blinding the package, it is exactly the sort of weather that the human ability to work with partial data excels. It is also the sort of weather that you don't want your self-driver deciding to park itself on the side of the road until conditions are better. There are added risks to that strategy and a survival period to pay attention to, as if your vehicles energy (electric or fuel) is depleted your wellbeing is endangered.

    Many a time I drove with front and side sensors blocked, gingerly monitoring road traction (you can get going faster than you can steer or brake).

    And it is pretty obvious the designers of non-tactile switchgear used a limited range of test conditions.

    Thinking that some is on purpose, as a fancy SUV with all non-tactile switchgear is expected to be a pavement-only cruiser rather than a true 4x4 being used off road.

    Some of the new EVs have designers who must think you never need to wear insulated winter gloves, as not all controls work unless you bare a finger to touch them.

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