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    I have added some of you alls web sites to mine , but would like to add more. Check out SysopSolaris.com and if you site is not listed let me know I would love to add it !

    Sysop SolaRis
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    I'd like to know how sites like : GAME TIME did their pages! Those are awesome.

    I see yours is WordPress? I can install it on my offsite server host, but haven't played with it much. Another discussion was asking how we could get more people back into BBS', and GAME TIME is definitely what I wanted to do with my BBS after all these years.

    I just have the typical TELNET BBS Client here : http://f4fbbs.com/BBS-Files.php

    The way the FSXNET messages also appear -- where is the HOW-TO on that because I missed it! LOL

    Timothy Norris
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