• Threads is a bad idea.

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    Threads is a bad idea
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    Fri Jul 7 15:55:40 2023

    Essay by Dan Trimble a security consultant

    TikTok may legit be a national security risk. But the new #Threads (Metas Twitter killer) isnt far off. No one but Meta and TikTok harvest and exploit @ you more. The only real difference is Meta just wants money versus TikToks more @
    nefarious scenarios.
    Before you sign up, take close note of the data Threads exploits iOS reports @ it harvests health and financial data, precise location, browsing history, @ contacts, search history, and more. Even TikTok collects less.
    And those are just broad categories.
    It also harvests political and religious affiliations/leanings, sexual @ orientation, race and ethnicity, biometrics, Union memberships, pregnancy @ status, job history, exercise routines, photos or video you take of where you @ are, all of which can then be cross referenced with the rest of the broader @ data categories - audio, music, calendar, contacts, health, files in your @ mobile devices, browsing history, and real time location tracking.
    It's all in the terms/conditions under data collected. Which, of course, no one @
    will read.
    And heres the biggie. HUGE.
    You cannot delete Threads without also deleting Instagram. They are @ deliberately intertwined and Meta is using the existing IG user bases years of @
    entrenchment as a bludgeoning tool to make you stick it out with Threads - or @ give up everything.
    These are facts, not opinions.
    If youre good with continuing to sell EVERYTHING about you to Zuk (the Grand @ Master of #SurveillanceCapitalism) for little more than a crack-like social @ media addiction, go forth and enjoy.
    Just know YOU are the product theyre selling and the data collection is @ unprecedented in scope and exploitability. IT. IS. NOT. FREE.

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