• Housekeeping 18/6/23

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Sunday, June 18, 2023 12:19:38
    Hi guys

    Please read this one, I'm going to x-post it in fsx_gen and fsx_net


    Updated Node 1/107 The ByteXchange BBS has been marked as 'Down' in the

    Updated Node 1/167 CyberBBS WHQ BBS the domain name has been updated to

    Updated Node 1/105 Fluph BBS the domain name on file fails to resolve but
    the IP address does work. The nodelist has
    been updated to reflect this.

    Added a new item in fsxnet.txt in 'Housekeeping' this is to address how
    nodes being de-listed from the network are managed. As a general rule of
    thumb if your BBS/system has packets/files held for it at your assigned HUB longer than 45+ days then it will be up for being de-listed. There's also
    some guidance about how to 'gracefully' depart the network.

    The text added is as follows:

    Members will be de-listed from the network if their BBS/system has packets/files held for it at their assigned fsxNet HUB for 45+ days.
    A HUB admin may extend this grace period at their discretion. If you are
    having technical issues please contact your HUB admin and/or the Network Coordinator so they are aware of your issues.

    If you decide to leave fsxNet please de-link your BBS/system from all echomail and file areas before you depart. This ensures packets/files are not being
    held at the HUB for your system needlessly. Please also contact your HUB
    admin and let them know you are leaving. This allows our admin team to
    remove you from their HUB config, the fsxNet nodelist and systems.txt


    Best, Paul

    Kerr Avon [Blake's 7] 'I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid and I'm not going' avon[at]bbs.nz | bbs.nz | fsxnet.nz

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  • From Sneaky@21:1/152.2 to Avon on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 09:54:00
    Hu Avon

    I thought i saw a posting that you sent outa new brnode.dat I may have got it but didn't see it in my inbound, can you please post it again please.

    Thank you
    Ian Segers
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