• The Vault BBS ANSI TV

    From AKAcastor@21:1/162 to Rodrigo Pelaez on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 14:26:32
    Hi Rodrigo, I saw your BBS ad mentioned textmode TV so I logged into The Vault BBS to check it out - this is super cool!!

    Very nice experience to let the different artworks present themselves. Great presentation - the dissolve and swipe transitions are top notch. A great way to enjoy a great variety of text-mode art!

    For anyone not familiar with The Vault BBS's "textmode TV", it's option "T" on the main menu at TheVaultBBS.ddns.net:2323.


    --- Maximus 3.01
    * Origin: Another Millennium - Canada - another.tel (21:1/162)