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    |03-> Sp> Not sure how it works there but here most mobile models for data are |03-> Sp> effectively already NATd so it doesnt matter what your router does |03-> Sp> theres no direct way to get any incoming ports. One guesses you might
    |03-> Sp> be able to manage it with a VPN of some sort...
    |03-> They dont advertise it very well but for a price you can get a
    |03-> static IP on a hotspot. At work I have a field WAN made up of Linux
    |03-> industrial controllers that phone home to a data collections site in |03-> AWS. Theyre sometimes out in the middle of nowhere and well use
    |03-> mobile carrier wi-fi hotspots and we connect back to them via a fixed |03-> IP.
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    Not sure how it works there but here most mobile models for
    data are

    Not sure what you were trying to do there, but it came out looking like gibberish here. I have to guess you're going for colour quotes? Didn't spot any new text though....


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