• Message Quote Observation

    From Spectre@21:3/101 to Nobody on Sunday, May 15, 2022 23:16:00
    This is another one of those, have you seen kinda deals. I am finding when replying to messages, that many do not quote properly. Many lines are jammed into 1, although line truncation for 80 cols works as expected.

    I'm suspecting.. its related to soft <CR> vs hard <CR>s when the editor hits
    a softy in quote land it just doesn't do the the <CR> its only looking for
    hard <CR>s to figure where lines should end. Also if I break one of these misquoted lines it magically acquires the previous users quote marker.

    In a world where soft <cr>s seem to be a thing, I don't see much of a way around this, unless I find a pre processor for mail tossing which will
    replace all softs with hards...

    Anyway wonder what anyone has seen, if you've had any solutions.


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