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    Re: Re: Old computer
    By: Bex to Nightfox on Thu Jul 07 2022 03:54 pm

    Cinnamon. I also run Linux Mint on my BBS PC, although for that I
    chose to use the Xfce environment as it's a bit lighter.

    I've been wondering how the BBS packages and utilities run - are they console or GUI? My initial thought would be to run it headless, like any other server, but if the software only runs in a x11/wayland/etc then that point is moot.

    The main Synchronet software and its tools are all text/console based. You can even set up the BBS software to run as a service/deamon, using System V Init style or systemd style, etc..

    Synchronet also has a separate GUI program to show you basic status such as who's online on each node, etc..

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