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    From Spectre@21:3/101 to Anyone on Friday, July 29, 2022 20:40:00
    May you live in interesting times,

    I'm finding having to deal with aged care for my mother is... interesting... upon moving in she had a raft of things she wanted to get in place... nothing crazy, fridge, bookcase, tallboy/chest of drawers...

    Of course nothing is easy... she wanted a larger fridge than she had previously, and like previously wanted it sat on top of a table so it was
    easy for her to get into without having to bend to much.. she's got arthritis in the spine and two knee replacements so bending and kneeling are difficult
    to say the least. The facility don't want a fridge on top of a table.. so in trying to work around that I found a fridge with a similar footprint ~50cmSq about 20"Sq in the old money.. but 1.2M, bout 4' tall don't like that its to big... sigh... going to have a flea in the ear of OHS about accessability to said fridge..

    Bookcase turned out not to be easy either... this one made more sense though, it stands some 5'6" or so... not huge.. worried about it tipping forward
    should someone lose balance and lean on it to pull themselves up. To whit
    they want to screw it to the wall, but of course while this shouldn't take
    long they don't seem to have found a round-tuit for it yet.. about a week later.

    The rest of the list for the moment is on hold. She did get the new DVD
    player though, the old one didn't survive transport for some reason. Loaded
    one disc and died.

    Looking for a new rental is also proving interesting.. the unit was cheep
    when I got it, and in this day and age its exceedingly budget. But need
    extra bedrooms for extraneous family, and the granddaughter. A 3 bedroom
    house has shot through the roof used to be low $300s previously, lucky to
    find something in the mid to high 300s now with most starting to push the low $400s. Where I previously looked like a safe bet, disabillity pension, nominally single male with 2 sons... all of a sudden it requires to much of
    my pension to cover the rent at a level the agents feel is unsustainable. So the slow search goes on.. on a timetable for October school hols though... unless something comes my way soon things are going to end up on a tight time schedule.


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